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The Government has initiated its efforts to build Airport in Nijgadh and management of Tribhuvan International Airport by putting in the rights to the same company.



Nijgadh Bara Nepal Second international Airport Design Sample photo Nijgadh.comNijgadh ,Bara

The source in the Civil Aviation ministry told that government is now readying to give rights to the same company more importantly to improve the Tribhuvan Airport and the development of Nijgadh Airport which has not been able to start even though being touted to be the National Pride.
“For this to initiate, Ministry for Tourism and Civil Aviation may write a letter to the board” the source adds “because of the problem that arises due to the competition that develops by giving rights to two different companies, this policy of giving rights to the same company has been made so that it does not impact the works.”
“For this, the government is going to choose one of Indian companies. The package given to the same company is expected to yield better results qualitatively” the source said.
“The tribunal looks to be in agreement with the government in principle over this step. The Tribhuvan Airport is the most profitable one. From this, both the government and the tribunal has been earning handsomely,” one of the senior officials from the tribunal said, “it is not difficult to administer the cost considering the income which is more than sufficient.”
At present, the tribunal earns more than three and a half billion rupees from the Airport. Even last year the tribunal earned a profit of 1 billion and 8 crore rupees through its own earning itself. “The tribunal is going to get more than this income,” the official told. There have been 5 to 6 meetings between the officials of concerned departments. Nowadays there is a trend of giving the responsibility of making airports at international standards to the private companies. According to the source, in the same way, even in Nepal homework has started. Even in this, the tribunal will remain in the capacity of a regulatory and servicing authority and when some problem will not be able to be resolved, at that time that will be resolved by the private company.
ICAO was made aware of the issue of giving both responsibilities to the same department. “Now even dividing the tribunal into two separate departments does not make much difference,” he said.
With the help of a loan of 1 crore dollar given by ADB, the structure of two separate departments has been prepared.
Even before this, there was a readiness to give management of the airport to Indian companies. At that time IL and FS company from India were seen interested. According to the high official, now for this GMR company is seen interested.
These days for the extension of the airport, the work is going on with the help of loan from ADB (Asia Development Bank). In the same way, the tribunal also from its own financial resources is starting renovation work towards internal terminal. The tribunal has taken from the government 7 crore US dollars (around 5 billion and 40 crores rupees). According to one official, there will be a prior condition for the company which gets the right of the airport to be responsible for this debt. Here Tourism and Civil Aviation ministry is claiming that there is no ____ of any sort.
Even before this it is said in the process of initial negotiations with the Indian company IF and IL the rights of defense, custom duty, immigration and air control tower remaining with the government, the rest of rights were to be given to the outside company.
Translated By Atul Sharma